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Sunday 14 August 2011

My skincare saviours!

Hi everyone!

Well here I am, my first real blog post...hope you can bear with me and drop by and say hello.
Here we go......... some of my product collection!!

 24 hour naked body butterI LOVE this product. I would happily spend 24 hours naked with this all over me. 

It smells fab, keeps my skin smooth and feeling moisturised. I can still feel the moistened feeling hours later, especally if I have it on my legs and they are bare all day. 97%,natural, that is good enough for me.

Although I havent been using this every day, it is well over a year since I got this.  I love the smell of it, although it seems quite strong when you open the lid and have a whiff, but when its on your skin, it is delicious. 

I even rub some in my palms and run it over a scarf or item of clothing to make them smell nice especially if I throw some clothes together in a suitcase or if they have been in the wardrobe a few weeks!
I also grab some small tubs from boots and scoop some in to have in my handbag, travel or overnight bag!

I got this product in Boots and have been on the lookout again for it, but I havent spotted it, probably because I havent been in a big enough Boots.
I see this product is an award winner at the Beauty Awards 2010 and highly commended by the Natural Health Magazine :)   

Aveeno daily moisturising lotion
I have purchased this fragrance free Aveeno daily moisturising lotion a few times from Boots and I use it on my skin before bed on my hands and any dry patches and if I got any sun on my skin during the day.  It makes my skin feel really soft and I can still feel it when I wake up. It has naturally active colloidal oatmeal that moisturises the skin for 24 hours.

However, I was a bit disappointed that it contained paraffinum liquidum, another name for mineral oil. I have read so much about ingredients and I will share some of my findings throughout this blog.

* Mineral Oil (Paraffin oil), a by product of petroleum is a clear, liquid oil with no scent and does not spoil. It is found in baby oil and vaseline also. What I heard is it creates a thin layer on the skin that clogs the pores and is difficult to absorb slowing down the elimination of toxins.*

However the medical community have condemned its use in medication but that the small grade used in cosmetics is perfectly fine. There are so many debates out there about various ingredients, I will bring some to your attention when I see them.  Well the way I see it, there are harmful things in everything, you cant escape it, but what concerns me is the build up over time.  But it's like this, all the skin cancer scares never stops anyone sunbathing does it?

Although there have been so many different speculations about various ingredients that like anything there is always new findings so we can never take anything as fully conclusive.  Plus, I dont want what I hear to stop me from experiencing some great products out there, once they are not packed full of bad stuff and are somewhat natural, I am happy enough to use them.  Here is more about the Aveeno range.

 Skin Wisdom all day light moisture cream
Skin wisdom is a great brand that I stumbled across created for Tesco in partnership with Bharti Vyas, one of the UK's leading beauty therapists.
This is a light moisturising cream that lasts up to 24 hours. I sometimes use it at night or under foundation.  It contains green tea, chamomile and spring sea water, I am almost refreshed just reading the words. 
I find it a cooling and soothing cream.  It is ideal after cleansing and toning and for use day or night.  It has a light natural scent.

I noticed that it contains titanium dioxide and it is another ones of those ingredients that has been pinpointed as carcinogenic (causing cancer), but again many new natural products on the market continue to use it.
This makes me think well when all these natural skincare companies were researching to create all their products, I am sure whatever information they were given cleared any concerns about its use, meaning it is not seen to be harmful. I have rummaged through almost every major makeup brand on the market and it is present in almost every single one, so that must be telling us something.
Here is more about the extensive range of Bharti Vyas Skin Wisdom products available.

Dr. Organic is a great brand I came across recently at Holland and Barrett.  It was the Beauty Insiders' Choice winner, the 2011 Glosscars: Face and Body Best New Brand.
At first I thought it was quite expensive for small packaging ( about 5pounds for the deodorant and 7pounds for the cream) but I just love how natural they are.

* Dry skin
* Sun exposed skin
* Stretch marks
* Scars
* Uneven skin tone

This aloe vera cream is the one I am using on my face every night at the moment after I cleanse.   It is quite soothing and dries in quite quick so sometimes I use a bit more just to get that rub around massage all over my face, get the blood flowing and alowing my face to absorb all the goodness during the night. All the cell renewal happens quicker at night and active ingredients can penetrate more deeply.
The cream is good for dry skin, sun exposed skin, stretch mars, scars and uneven skin tone. It is lovely and cooling for weather-beaten skin, ie.,after a day out in the sun or if my face is feeling hot after a day in the cold and then coming in to the warm makes my skin flush. This is great for cooling it and makes me feel refreshed.

 Well thats all for today guys. I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my fave products to use. I definitely have some more to tell you about, but I'll save that for another day.

Does anyone have any products or tips they swear by?  I would love to hear all about them so share share share away people!   

Best Wishes


  1. Brilliant read, very informative! I'm not a fan of chemical nasties either so found this post very interesting. Great blog :-)

    Amy x

  2. Aww thanks Amy, my first comment, yay, you're a star!

    SJ xx



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