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Tuesday 29 November 2011

November nurture- Successful care for my dry skin in the chilly weather!

Well hello,

How are we all settling into the chilly weather,? Although I don't think settling will ever be the right word. Coping or bearing would be more like it!  Well its not quite biting yet, but it's there all the same.

I wanted to write a little about my skin reactions to this chilly weather and how I try to combat it.

First of all my skin gets little dry patches in winter on my arms mainly and my hands get dry too and I also get heat rash when I come in from the cold into sudden warm the first few times, I burn up.
Also I definitely do not drink enough water, because I either have a very small bladder or an overactive bladder so I am always trying not to drink too much water when I am on the go or I would be in and out of the toilet.  
And of course the cold weather does not help that either. I feel like I even need to go lots more.
But it is something I am trying to work on too to get the 8 glasses of water per day to keep me hydrated and protect my skin.  
I try to keep my skin moisturised though in other ways to protect it from the elements.

Before I head out I use a moisturising cream on my hands and face to create a barrier for my skin against the cold dry air.
Here is a luscious lotion that I have been dying to mention for a while and that I use before I go out in the cold mainly on my hands.  I put a face cream on before I use some light foundation.  
I like to use a variety of different creams for different times because I guess I do not want my skin to get too accustomed to one cream and then not be able to cope without it.
During the day I tend to use this one:

Karmalife Nourishing Body Lotion, Tropical Spa.

It contains shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E and also pro-vitamin B5, all fabulously moisturising for the skin.
It is not heavy and is very softening.  
This lotion is the most excellent one I have used as regards softening and getting rid of any dry patches, especially since my hands and feet get especially dry during winter.  The next morning my hands are angelic, silky fresh from the heavens, sorry to be so dramatic, but I just love it.
I picked this up among the jumble of items available at TK MAX and was instantly attracted to the scent and how soft it was on my skin.
The scent is of zingy ginger, sweet vanilla and deep sandalwood.

I was happy with the ingredients, no major nasties as far as I can see.  
Once there are no parabens then I am happy. 
They seem to be the first thing I look for because it is the first thing I started to look for when I started on the lookout for more natural products so I guess it is just built in now and I judge a product by whether these are in it or not.
I am now on the lookout for this product again at the moment, but I think I will have to source the product online, but at the moment after a brief search I cannot seem to find it.   
Let me know if any of you come across it, I will only be delighted.

It says on the product that it is ideal after a shower/bath to massage into warm dry skin, but I actually put this on my hands before I head out in the cold to protect it and keep it moisturised even if it is under gloves.

My new thing now at shower time to make my skin lovely and soft and full of moisture is actually coating some sweet almond oil from Holland & Barrett over wet skin and then I rinse it off with warm water.  
The excess is taken away but there is a still just a nice amount left on your skin and then I pat my skin dry with the towel and I feel silky soft.   It really beats away that dry wintery air.

Have a go and enjoy beautiful soft skin and also please give me a shout if you come across that Karmalife nourishing lotion, if you get the chance.  

Here are some of the other products- from my first post- that I also love to use for my face or as a body cream at night.


Saturday 5 November 2011

Eat right for your type!

Hi all,

Well I thought I would share an interesting book I came across recently.
Basically it focusses on the idea that eating the wrong foods that are incompatible for your bloodtype can be detrimental to your overall wellbeing.
Eat Right 4 Your Type  (Disclosure:  Affiliate links from Amazon)

I had a flick through this book on the section of my blood type O ( Well the funny thing is I dont actually know my blood type but I assume I am O as both my parents are both the same type so I figured I can't be any different. Anything to avoid needles!! I know I will have to get one some day at least, but not today or tomorrow or next week!!)
Anyway this book I found got me thinking about a few things. It has a great clear concise breakdown of the foods you should be having more of, those that are neutral and those you should be avoiding.
Also sections added about what sort of exercise you need for different types and also aspects of personality and how food contributes.
I found it fascinating in the sense that certain foods could be hampering you from your true sense of wellbeing. Some can even cause issues that make it harder to shift weight, some can be lowering/overworking your immune system or making you more tired/stressed.

Like for instance I found out the acidic items like vinegar, tomato ketchup or other condiments can irritate my stomach lining, as the stomach lining of O types is quite sensitive. Also that orange juice is something to avoid- that amazed me too. And also that the best way to combat stress for my type is actually vigorous exercise, while a high protein diet is what generally drives the O types.
Definitely worth having a look and experimenting with a few things. A few eye openers in there for me, but it is nice to know these things sometimes.

Relatively short and sweet today.  Well hope you have a look out for this book and have a peep ( I spotted it on the book shelf while I was babysitting so I had a flip through.)

All the best!!


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