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Saturday 24 December 2011

The best ways to wake yourself up in the morning before you even step out of the bed!

We all hate that moment when the alarm goes off in the mornings and you nod off for a few more minutes and then another few and another few and it seems to get harder.   
Well the best way is for me to tell you how I feel when I wake up and you can empathise with feeling the same.

How I feel in the mornings:

I grumble and stretch and always push the snooze button a few times and somehow think that it is going to make me feel better and make it easier to get up but in the end it just makes me feel groggier.
I mainly feel too cosy to whip away the duvet and let the cold in.  My head always seems warm and beddy and this is mainly the problem because I cant shake that tired eyes feeling.

BUT now I have this all sorted in seconds without having to step out of the bed to go to the sink.
Click below to read more about how I wake up and feel fresher in the mornings.


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