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Welcome everyone

Well first things first, let me introduce myself, I am Sarah-Jane, I'm Irish and I live in Southampton in the UK.

I have had some interesting experiences as a
holistic massage therapist and it expanded my horizons on the idea of holistic living.   
Holistic health refers to the idea viewing the body as a whole and combining the mind, body and spirit.

I enjoy researching health and wellbeing topics as well as natural skincare.


The Motto

I am not a person that is obsessed about following any particular strict regimes, but I like the idea of mindful living.  
Small changes in our lives can do wonders for our overall health and happiness. Take the 'little bit goes a long way' approach.

Wellbeing Wise-  Health & Lifestyle

Ok so, what is Wellbeing Wise you are probably wondering and what is this  site/blog going to be all about.  
To summarise this page in a nutshell it is a health and lifestyle platform that I hope to share my own experiences and awarenesses with life, food, stress, exercise, natural products, etc. with personal stories/observations, product reviews, interviews and some special giveaways.
I would like to point you in the right direction to some of the websites/ products that I enjoy or find useful on my journey to health and happiness. 

1.  Share with you my own thoughts, discoveries, experiences and some of the choices I make in my everyday living.
I have been raised with a health conscious frame of mind, mainly as regards food, but a general health awareness was instilled in me.

It all becomes a routine that you live by and it becomes so familiar that it is easy to recognise when you fall away from it and you almost start to feel unhealthy unless you get back on track again.
It always keeps you in check and sets off alarm bells if you fall below that threshold.

I am by no means perfect and I find it hard to be healthy sometimes.  I'm just like everyone, striving all the time in the hope that will power can push me to be healthy, wealthy and wise without seeming like too much effort.

In the past few years since moving to the UK in 2008, I feel the world came alive for me and I ventured into reality, fled the nest and became more independent. 
I have travelled, met a variety of people, experienced various stresses and hardship, instability and loss of life structure from moving around.
I became more conscious of who I am as a person and what I value the most in life.
These all became apparent through even the simplest of things like having to make my own choices for where I live, what food I eat, what products to buy, the people I meet and associate with and just generally how I like to live.

2.  Create a platform or doorway to a wind range of knowledge and interesting products/services and resources that are useful in maintaining a balanced state of wellbeing.    

      - Products Reviews
     - Interviews with people about various lifestyles or therapies they either        provide or experienced.
     - Giveaways-   I hope to collaborate with some great people to provide

       some deals on products or therapy services.  Please contact me if you
       would like to become involved.

3. Talk about wide ranging issues that we all share and it is interesting how they can each impact on our lives as a whole.

-   Natural Living
-   Exercise
-   Nutrition
-   Diet
-   Therapies

-   Mental health
-   Stress
-   Relaxation

 Initially my thoughts about starting a blog stemmed from my awareness of the many chemicals we are exposed to every day and I wanted to search for and review natural skincare products and let you know about the benefits of what this rapidly growing market has to offer.
But wellbeing is also so much more than that, which is why I am open to explore other aspects too. 

So feel free to have your say and share your ideas about how you live or for most of us ideally like to live. It can be hard sometimes to stop and take look at our lives, that is if we even do at all.
I really do hope you will enjoy seeing what I have to say and also interacting with me, so i
f you have any issues that concern you or if you need help with finding/including other resources feel free to comment or contact me with suggestions. I want to invite everyone to join in!  

I look forward to sharing some ideas and insights with you all and hearing yours too!  

Best Wishes!

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