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Saturday 5 November 2011

Eat right for your type!

Hi all,

Well I thought I would share an interesting book I came across recently.
Basically it focusses on the idea that eating the wrong foods that are incompatible for your bloodtype can be detrimental to your overall wellbeing.
Eat Right 4 Your Type  (Disclosure:  Affiliate links from Amazon)

I had a flick through this book on the section of my blood type O ( Well the funny thing is I dont actually know my blood type but I assume I am O as both my parents are both the same type so I figured I can't be any different. Anything to avoid needles!! I know I will have to get one some day at least, but not today or tomorrow or next week!!)
Anyway this book I found got me thinking about a few things. It has a great clear concise breakdown of the foods you should be having more of, those that are neutral and those you should be avoiding.
Also sections added about what sort of exercise you need for different types and also aspects of personality and how food contributes.
I found it fascinating in the sense that certain foods could be hampering you from your true sense of wellbeing. Some can even cause issues that make it harder to shift weight, some can be lowering/overworking your immune system or making you more tired/stressed.

Like for instance I found out the acidic items like vinegar, tomato ketchup or other condiments can irritate my stomach lining, as the stomach lining of O types is quite sensitive. Also that orange juice is something to avoid- that amazed me too. And also that the best way to combat stress for my type is actually vigorous exercise, while a high protein diet is what generally drives the O types.
Definitely worth having a look and experimenting with a few things. A few eye openers in there for me, but it is nice to know these things sometimes.

Relatively short and sweet today.  Well hope you have a look out for this book and have a peep ( I spotted it on the book shelf while I was babysitting so I had a flip through.)

All the best!!

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