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Saturday 24 December 2011

The best ways to wake yourself up in the morning before you even step out of the bed!

We all hate that moment when the alarm goes off in the mornings and you nod off for a few more minutes and then another few and another few and it seems to get harder.   
Well the best way is for me to tell you how I feel when I wake up and you can empathise with feeling the same.

How I feel in the mornings:

I grumble and stretch and always push the snooze button a few times and somehow think that it is going to make me feel better and make it easier to get up but in the end it just makes me feel groggier.
I mainly feel too cosy to whip away the duvet and let the cold in.  My head always seems warm and beddy and this is mainly the problem because I cant shake that tired eyes feeling.

BUT now I have this all sorted in seconds without having to step out of the bed to go to the sink.
Click below to read more about how I wake up and feel fresher in the mornings.

How I wake up and feel fresh as a daisy now in the mornings:

Well firstly sleeping with pillows of a decent height helps purely because it prevents fluid build up around the eyes by allowing it to drain away throughout the night due to your head being raised a reasonable amount.

But the two main things I regularly do when I actually awaken are the BEST and I love it. They work brilliant for me.

1.    I spray some water on my face from a cosmetic bottle-   I picked up an empty cosmetics small spray bottle from Boots Chemist and I fill it with water and leave it by my bedside. It is great in the mornings to wake you up quicker without having to run to the bathroom and splash water on your face.  Some mornings this is all I do and it still works.

2.    Tea bag madness-  I wipe my eyes with a tea bag (or place one on each eye).   I make some tea the night before and I leave the tea bag (or two) in the cup rest of the evening/night and it is nice and cool in the morning.   I usually have green or white tea, but a tea bag is a tea bag, so any tea is good but I like green or white tea because it is full of antioxidants so I kill two birds with one stone, saving the tea bag for the next morning.

  • I start by placing the tea bag over one eye for about 10 seconds and then I gently wipe it across my eye and then I do the other eye. This is what I do most times, but as I said sometimes I use two tea bags of white/green tea in my cup if I havent had the tea in a few days.
  • I rub the tea bag gently (so that it does not split) around the perimeter of my face, starting at my forehead and around and once I get back up to my forehead,  I trace downwards and across one cheek, down to my chin and back up the other cheek.
It is relaxing and refreshing all at the same time and I feel so wide eyed and ready from the coolness of the tea bag.  It opens up my eyes and takes away the warm almost tightening tiredness feeling.

After this, I try not to hang around for too long lying down in bed. I try to take advantage of the cool refreshed feeling that helps me to rise up and out.
While the tea bags is something that works for me alone without having to do anything else, here are some extras that I like to do if I am not in too much of a rush,

Four more things I often do briefly:

  • Wake up to the radio or the sound of a song that makes your heart race.
  • Big Stretch-   I lie on my back and stretch out my limbs completely.
  • Take a drink of water.  I have a bed side container always filled with water.  It gives a nice cold refreshing feeling throughout your body. 
  • I sit up on the edge of my bed and I start tapping my collar bone area with my fingers all simultaneously and then using a fist I quickly tap down my arm and back up again, then onto the other arm and down the sides of my body and then onto my legs. This tapping technique is very effective for balancing the body's energies and stimulating bodily fluids/hormones and has become very popular.  Here is more about it if you are unfamiliar about what it is.

Well I'd love to hear about any other ideas you might have for a super morning awakening or if you also swear by the tea bag cleanse in the mornings!
Good luck and happy mornings :)


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