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Sunday 28 October 2012

Natural Skincare Wipes

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since my last post- sounds like a confession almost- but I thought I would show you what kinds of natural (baby) wipes I have been using.
I can never do without wipes and these are the ones I usually look for at Boots.  Some grocery stores also have them.  I like to have wipes at hand to refresh especially if its hot out and I prefer unscented wipes.
I'll get to those in a moment but here is a little intro as to why I swear by wipes so much!   Click below to read the rest!

If I start to feel tired and sluggish during the day, I whip out a wipe or two and I rub it across my face if I have no makeup on, then down my arms, across my chest, neck and even my legs and under my arms.  Makes you feel cool and refreshed and like you just had a shower.

Most days being up early, I have to have my shower the night before, because I get lazy having to get up and get in there in the morning. 
I'd rather lie on a bit longer and then jump up and run some wipes around me and I feel refreshed and ready to go, then have a nice shower later to wash away the day! 

Ok, well here is the brand I have been using the past few months from Asda Stores for those of us in the UK.  But there are similar brands worldwide also (see the next brand below) but this one is a good one to highlight what kinds of things to be aiming for when looking for basic wipes as natural as possible.
As far as I am concerned these are all the qualities that you could want when choosing wipes.

Natural baby wipes
  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Sodium Lauryl/laureth sulphates ( these can dry out the skin- read more about ingredients in the glossary.)
  • NO Soap
  • Certified organic aloe vera and chamomile

Also I am very fond of this brand by a company called Naty and they have various products available worldwide and which have very similar natural qualities as visible from the image below.

As regards facial wipes for cleansing, the most natural ones that I have been exposed to are Johnson's face care. These are the wipes I tend to use before I go to bed at night.
They have a very faint fragrance and are suitable for sensitive skin. They make me feel refreshed and clean after a day out and about and removes any dirt and makeup away, even waterproof mascara. They have a variety of types for different skins.
These are usually the only facewipes I can find without parabens in them. 

(See glossary for more on parabens and other common ingredients.)

Parabens were actually the first chemicals I read about when I started researching and browsing skincare, mainly because it was brought to my attention by products that I saw on the shelves highlighting on their packaging that there were no parabens in their products, so that made me think, hmm what are these all about!

Well I like the paraben free Johnson's facewipes.
I have not used any other Johnson's products so I would love to hear suggestions or reviews from any of you who do and of course any other natural wipes brands.


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