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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Natural Deodorant Stick

JASON Pure Natural Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick

So here we are again with another glorious natural deodorant.  This time it is not a roller head or spray but a twisty stick.
First of all lets look at the product details before I tell you my opinions about it.
Product Details:

  • Contains soothing Aloe Vera and nourishing Vitamin E to soften and soothe underarms.
  • Naturally sourced Zinc Ricinoleate, Corn Starch and baking soda help to neutralise odor.
  • Grapefruit seed extract is known for its antimicrobial properties, helping to fight away odor causing bacteria.
  • Clinically tested all day odor protection
  • NO Aluminium
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Phthalates
  • NO Propylene Glycol
  • NO Petrolatum
  • NO Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates
  • New and improved formula
  • Not tested on animals
  • JASON brand- Natural Pioneer since 1959
 My thoughts:

First of all I bought this product at a local Wholefoods Market store in London.  They can also be found in various other health stores like Holland and Barrett, as well as online at sites like, and of course

Well as I always say about deodorants that focus on deodorising rather than preventing you from sweating, I can never fully trust them if I have a long day or even on a weekend away. I just feel more comfortable having a full anti-perspirant to hand also.  This is fine to me because I am happy to still be real about things. You cannot be totally perfect and chemical free as it is just not realistic.
But the fact of the matter is, I try to use deodorant on its own (without anti-perspirant) when I am less active and on as many days as I can.

This deodorant stick has a good strong fresh natural citrus scent, which is what drew me to it in the first place. I sometimes will put some on if I have a late shower before I hop into bed or if I am just lounging around for the day.

I did find the twisting action to push the stick upwards quite annoying at times because at the moment it rolls up ok, but it wont go back down when I twist it. So now I just put the cap on it without twisting it back down, which is not that much of a big deal I suppose.

But also another thing is, it really seems to sting me when I have put it on the last few times and it just makes me almost question why a natural product can still irritate me, but I guess it is the alcohol in it.  I thought it was possible that I used it after I just shaved, but no, I put it on the other day and it stung and it did so for at least 15 mins too on just one of my underarms.  Let me try it now again not freshly shaven and see.... It is fine this time and the first few times I used it was fine too.  Well it does say on the product that post-shave application may cause slight skin irritation. I still dont like the sound of that.
It does feel a little wet and sticky for a few minutes after application but it still feels nice and fresh.

Anyway as I said, I never expect a huge amount from these deodorant- only products but I still like to have the option to use them as many days as I can, which is always good, so I feel like I am getting a break from the full on spraying anti-perspirant every day.   At least it is something in light of this chemically laiden world we are in!

Would I buy it again?

Hmm I am a little unsure because I have sort of made my choice for repurchases and lately it seems to be this one that I spoke about in the last post, Sanex Natur Protect.     But if I had to pick a yes or no, I would say no.

So have you every used this product or any Jason products?  Have you any other great natural deodorant products you would like to share with us all?  We would love to hear about them.

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