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Friday 25 May 2012

Best Natural Deodorant Spray

Hi everyone, 

 Today I want to share my latest product love in the deodorant department. 
I spoke before about different natural deodorants that I had been trying out and avoiding our enemy aluminium chlorohydrate. Here is the link to that post if you missed it. 

 As you can see from that previous post that I was primarily dealing with roll on natural deodorants and I hadn't really ventured towards a spray mainly because I just didn't believe that there would be a relatively natural spray available that would be in any way beneficial. 

Most of the other ones I spoke about were not ideal to me and basically I wasnt overly fussed with them to go running out to buy them again. 
My main anti-perspirant deodorant that I was generally using as what I call the run a round protection where I can be sure that it will last all day is the Dove brand.  
I got drawn to this brand based on the fact that I heard it was one recommended as the least toxic for people that have already had breast cancer. 
So I just thought well it must not have as much aluminium chlorohydrate in it. 

So a few months back or probably even a year ago now, I heard about the Sanex brand and I had been meaning to try out their shower washes and didnt realise they had a deodorant too so when I spotted it, I was initially pickin up the roll on version but switched to get the spray instead. 
Basically this spray deodorant doesn't contain aluminium chlorohydrate but instead an active natural mineral called alum. Let's have a look at it's attributes then shall we?! 

Sanex Natur Protect- with the active natural mineral Alum 

  • NO aluminium chlorohydrate
  • NO parabens 
  • NO alcohol 
  • 24hr deodorant 
  • For sensitive skin- approve by dermatologists 
  • Nice fresh smell 
My thoughts: At first I had my doubts that it would not do a full days on the go job and although I have not gone so far as doing a workout with it on, I am very happy with the results so far. 
The smell is fresh and I definitely feel more protected asays at using a spray than just the roll ons. 
And while I still have not got 100 per cent confidence in these types to use it for an important long day or night out my belief in it grows more and more every day. 
It has been fantastic so far and lasted me a whole regular day while our and about too. 

I am quite happy to just use natural types as much as I can to minimise even a fraction of the toxins and that keeps me happy. I try and that's all anyone can do is do their little bit and be satisfied with that. 

I have another natural deodorant brand that I have been trying out the past while too so stay tuned....

1 comment:

  1. It's Sanex is the sfest deodorant you can use...
    I really recommend it to everyone!



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