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Wednesday 28 September 2011

Anti-perspirant is NOT your friend! Deodorant is!!

 Well today I was going to show some products I have been using lately, but then I had so much to say in regards to one in particular and I wanted to highlight quite an important issue at the same time so I figured this warranted a post of its own.  So here it is....

 natural deodorant spray
Salt Of The Earth Spray

Many of us just pick up cans of deodorant- as we tend to call it off hand- but we fail to realise the fact that it usually has anti-perspirant too which blocks up our pores not allowing toxins to escape. This is very unnatural indeed so try to look out for and use a deodorant as much as you can.

This DEODORANT ONLY spray is something that I usually keep for use on my lazy days because I didn't trust any of these natural sprays to actually keep me totally fresh while on the go all day.  It does not block up your pores as an anti-perspirant does.
But recently I decided to give it a go while out and about all day and it worked fine for me.  By the end of the day I was still odour free which was great and even though it doesnt stop sweat coming out of the pores, I was still dry anyway.  I guess it does depend on what works for you personally really because some people might just need anti-perspirant if they sweat quite a lot.  Plus I haven't tried this on a very hot day, but im still happy to use it, even if it is 3 out of 7 days, thats enough for me really because at least I'm allowing my skin a break from the harsher sprays some days.

It is also available in a salt stick format which you have to dampen first then roll it on your skin.
I prefer the spray.  Two quick sprays does the job.  At first you have a tendency to spray 4 or 5 sprays because it feels like its not covering the whole area, but it is.  I sprayed on way too much the first time that the water was dribbling down my arms but realised next time that even one spray of it moistens the whole area.
I purchased this product from Holland & Barrett.  I have not yet seen it in Boots or Superdrug.

 On the packaging, it indicates:
 *  24 hour protection
 * Unisex
 * Unscented
 * Not tested on animals.
It is totally natural, very effective and does not leave white marks on clothing.  It can be used on the feet also.
I have quite a lot to say regarding these type of deodorant only products, which really come out on top actually in light of the increasing threat of breast cancer. I think it is something us women have to pay more attention these days as this looms upon us.

This product does not contain parabens, alcohol or aluminium chlorohydrate (anti-perspirants/deodorants containing this have been the subject of much research in relation to being a factor in the cause of breast cancer).
It has been said quite a lot that anti-perspirants are a leading cause of breast cancer.
Most products on the market are a combination of an anti-perspirant and deodorant, but the whole idea of the spray not allowing you to perspire is what is of concern here.

Another natural deodorant option is Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Deodorant

 I love all those ticks on the side of the product, mimicked the checking process that goes on in my brain when I am brousing for products!

* Aluminium free 
* SLS Free ( Sodium Lauryl Sulphate- harsh detegent found in most shampoos 
    and bath gels, etc. Read more here)
* Paraben free ( read about parabens below in the next product)
* Alcohol free 
* Natural
                           * Non pore clogging formula.

This aloe vera deodrant, I use when I'm lounging around and I dont fancy spraying anything on, this is just a quick and refreshing roll on, takes a few minutes to dry in and has a fresh citrus smell
At first I was so used to having the smells of ordinary deodorant on me, that it took a few goes of this to get used to it and not feel like I was smelling like washing liquid or something.
It does work but I still dont feel right wearing it if Im heading out somewhere, I like to keep this as a natural gem to use when im free and give my skin a break from using the spray all the time. 

The body needs to release toxins all the time and the areas of out body that do this are the armpits, groin, behind the ears and knees.
But when we use an anti-perspirant, it inhibits the release of toxins through the armpit and they accumulate in the lymph nodes which are located below the breast.  This build up can cause the cells to mutate and cells to possibly become cancerous.
Plus most breast cancers are found in the upper breast near these lymph nodes so it definitely creates a need for concern.
This makes me think well what about men.  But I guess they have extra hair in that area and so the molecules cling to the hair rather than seeping into the skin.   I often spray on anti-perspirant/deodorant just after I have shaved my armpit and I guess this is just asking for trouble as it is fresh skin that allows the molecules straight in to my body, creating toxins that cannot get back out.

Anyway, so this is why I am going to be using these natural options much more often because it does not contain anti-perspirant, just a deodorant.
Even if I am doing exercise or being more active during the day and feel a bit clammy under there- which I usually don't because it is not like we have ecstatic weather here in the UK-  I can always just have a few wipes to hand in my bag for whenever I need to freshen up.
Sometimes I find those small packets of wipes do not last long with only ten wipes and it is not worth it, so I just get a large pack and then just pop one of two in a sealable food bag to keep them as moist as I can and no bulkiness.

OK, well I hope it is something you will all keep in mind and give deodorant only products a go.
I always say when I am unsure of something or when something is unproven like several mysteries in this world, I will never put all my eggs in one basket.
So therefore, while these claims are up in the air just like that of mobile phones causing tumors and microwaves causing harmful radiation, the fact is they have all been mentioned as possible threats and subject to countless forms of research.  So this to me means the possibility is always there that this could be why there is so much cancer in the world, you just never know.

When the verdict is neither here nor there, it is best to just- I don't want to sound cliche by saying everything in moderation-  but it can't hurt to be aware and to try using a mix of products if need be and trying to use the deodorant only products as much as you can.   There is no harm in being knowledgeable and doing your own little bit for yourself so if the research is fully proven one day, at least you will be on middle ground and not worse off for having your eggs all in one basket.

I will be looking at some more products in a day or two!
Bye for now!

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