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Thursday 1 September 2011

D.I.Y on the fly!

So have you got all your little skini minis on the ready for your weekends away, overnights and popped nicely in your bag on the go?! I love mini skincare bottles, so I decided to call them all skini minis!
Ever think of making up your own quick mixtures too?  You can make some up either as you go- one mix fixes- or make up a decent amount and pop them in the small containers usually available at Boots and Superdrug.

I will give you some ideas in some of my posts and touch on some tips/utensils to get you started today.

Skini minis are great, whether they are your own mixtures in bottles or versions of the popular products on the market, I love them all, especially as some of these big bottles drive me mad at times cos by the time I'm half way through, I spot some other new products on the market or come across a natural gem that I want to start using straight away. 
Then I end up with sooo many products in the bathroom cupboard as all the old ones get left aside.
This is why I love the minis because not only are they ideal size but also good for sampling or if you dont want a huge bottle of something. 

For instance, I had been getting large bottles of Head & Shoulders recently but then I wanted to use up some of the older products I had in my cupboard like Tresemme and Herbal Essence, so I didnt buy another bottle of Head & Shoulders once I had finished with it. 
I like that brand because it keeps dandruff away and so then I decided to just get the mini version of it and use it maybe once or twice a week.

I find it handy too for skincare products like I bought the mini version of Aveeno cream and I keep it in my handbag all the time and I fill it up from the bigger bottle when it gets low.

Well right now the skincare industry is flying and more and more natural products are available for us and ready to take over.  But also the trend now has some of us having a go at making our own, and you can betya I am one of them!  It is so satisfying to have your own creations, lots of fun and without a doubt more control over what I am putting on my skin!

It is easy to get started especially if you are just having a bit of fun and whipping up something for yourself and your family.

Basically I just grabbed some basic utensils from Asda and off I went mixing household foods and oils.
I also got some butters at an exhibition to use or you can source butters and oils online like jojoba oil (well this one can be more expensive than others so I get grapeseed oil or almond oil) and shea butter.
It's as easy as that for you to have control over what you are putting on your skin. 

Here are the few things I picked up at Asda,

These items were very cheap, under 5 pound as far as I remember and they are very handy for keeping track of exact measurements.

I also got the measuring jug and spatula for heating up some butters briefly in the microwave, literally 10 secs. 
Initially I had bought a cheap saucepan too to heat up butters on the hob so I could keep a better eye on them so they wouldnt melt too much.  But because the saucepan was cheap, I didnt want any small particles from the bottom mixing with my creations.   So that is when I started using the measuring jug and it is quicker and easier to clean.

 I got the sterilising fluid with the idea of steeping all the utensils in it before using them all, for extra cleanliness and knowing that they had been sterilised.

I really enjoy playing around with different combinations of carrier oils like sweet almond oil and butters and even foods, like strawberries, bananas, honey and avocado to make quick interesting masks or moisturisers.

 Stay tuned for some easy skincare recipes soon!!

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