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Friday 30 September 2011

September skin love!

It's the last day I can use that title for another year!  Well thought I'd see September out with some of the latest products I've been trying out.

First up it's this,

Organic body scrub

Dr. Organic Rose Otto Body Scrub,

* Exfoliating
* Hydrating
* Anti- ageing

Yes please! That is what I like to hear and see. I love all this natural stuff and with these great properties for our skin. This product is available at Holland & Barrett.
I like this creamy scrub that has a nice rose scent with micro particles of pure volcanic lava that lightly exfoliates. 

natural body wash
Ooh la la naked is a 97% natural creamy body wash and I am fond of this at the moment.  It is part of the same range as the 24 hour naked body butter I reviewed at the top of my first post here.

I really do like this range and it was one of the first of the natural ranges I spotted when I first started keeping my eyes peeled for natural products.

This product is vegetarian and vegan friendly.
It glides on in the shower with a silky soft feeling and leaves my skin smooth and moisturised.  I got this product at Boots, but here are more details from the naked bodycare site.

natural self tan lotion with no smellGreen People self tan lotion is a product which I actually got from ebay as it was a little cheaper for the 200ml bottle.
I found it while researching tans that do not leave a smell on your skin.
At first when I used it, there was quite a smell (not the usual one your thinking of) resonating from it after I had put it on and I was thinking, hmm why is it so strong.   It is the combination of rosehip, geranium and sandalwood, all natural, so I was happy with that. The smell faded after a while.  I put it on before I went to bed, then I had a shower in the morning and I had a nice natural tan and NO icky smell developed.
It is non-streaky and gave me a lovely natural glow.
Check it out on the Green People site.

body moisturiser that makes hair regrowth softer and less noticeable
Last but not least, is Veet, a brand we have all come to use at some point. Although, not a natural product I had to give it a go since it is the hair minimising body moisturiser with vitamin E for sensitive skin.  I picked this one up at Boots.

I was not expecting much and was fully prepared from the reviews that I had read saying that it does not really minimise hair, just makes it softer and less noticeable.

But in fairness, less noticeable is the key word here as this is the what the detailed product information on the Boots site says,
 "...used daily, reduces the appearance of hair re-growth & softens the hair so stubble is less noticeable. Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser with ProMinimise, to effectively hydrate your skin up to 24 hours, leaving your skin feeling smoother for longer."

Some say it works if you really use it religiously, but in my experience of using this for about three weeks every day after my shower, I didn't notice any reduction in my hair growth rate, but it did make my legs feel very smooth indeed and actually made my legs feel freshly shaven for longer, so I guess this is a good thing, even if the hair is still growing back at the normal rate.

I loved the smell of the product with a light coconut scent which I loved and I think this was the general reviewing consensus of others too.  The smell just blew them away that they didn't care about the hair minimising.  My leg hair is quite soft anyway usually, but I did have a freshly shaven feeling on my skin every day that I used it.  So all in all I liked this for the smoothness and scent.

So has anyone used these products before? What do you think?   Any other gems you would like to share, I would love to hear about them!

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