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Friday 30 September 2011

I've got it oil- a fabulously smooth and natural shave!

Well recently I went to shower and shave up nice and discovered I had run out of my usual shaving gel, which is this one,

Satin Care shave gel

Satin Care for dry skin from Boots - a creamy moisturising foam gel that I always had a nice smooth nick free shave with.
BUT, because I didn't have my Satin Care, I decided to try some oil instead.
It is something I have been hearing about for a while, but never really believed it would be any good, plus I have been wanting and always casually sourcing something more natural with every product that I use.
Shaving creams I always overlooked because there is what there is on the market(or I just have not bothered looking hard enough) and I just buy it because there is no other option. But now I found what I like and it's natural :)

I heard a few people raving recently about how they had a great smooth shave just using an oil on their skin like olive oil, sesame seed oil, jojoba oil, etc.  so I decided to give it a go, using sweet almond oil as I had a small bottle of it there that I bought from Holland and Barrett.  Well I was very impressed. 

With the water on my skin, I lathered the oil over it and left it a few minutes on both my legs and bikini area.   Then I began with the razor and it was all smooth and perfect, not one nick.  My skin just felt so nick proof with the oil on.

The oil packs up a little on the razor but washes away easily with warm water. 
Also because your skin is smooth with oil, a few hairs gets stuck onto the skin, but you can feather them off with either a bath brush or a quick rustle of the towel on your skin.

I was very impressed and I am not rushing out to buy more shaving gel.   
My skin felt so beautifully soft, smooth and healthy afterwards.

I'm loving this sweet almond oil and it is quite long lasting because you do not need a huge amount to lightly coat your skin for shaving.

Have a go, let me know what you think!!

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